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It is our goal to establish and create meaningful relationships to support positive communication and understanding between our communities.

Lineage’s interactive training and education, in collaboration with the community, strives to develop and improve ongoing relationships between cultures.

Lineage’s core values consist of accountability, diversity, honesty, integrity, authenticity, and respect.

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Hello! Welcome, and thank you for entering this journey where we can grow from our roots, our Lineage.

As a young girl I was embraced by a world of varied cultures through growing up in a military world that I experienced as a white passing body with an ever-changing lifestyle and the curiosity to always learn more. I always knew that I would take my education and expand it through books, art, and experiencing the world through travel.

I spent 17 years as an Early Childhood Educator where I was working with families and advocated for women and children in abusive situations before completing a degree in Individualized Studies that focused on Human Service Issues.

I endured through abuse both mental and physical, financial disparity, the life of single parenting, and the challenges of being unaccepted for who I am. Adaptability became my survival mode.

After years of teaching, community-based work, volunteering, and joining small communities into one community, I have learned that we are all connected, and we all have roots.

Lineage is about using respect, honesty, authenticity, and our roots to not only make history, but become the future. It is about uniting people and learning from one another, becoming accountable to each other, and taking experiences and learned knowledge and turning them into a journey to bring folks together.

I invite you to learn more, be better than yesterday, and build the future for tomorrow.

I am a Chicana. I am a woman. I am Tonia Villegas, and it's nice to meet you.

Let's take a journey together.

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